Five Common CSS Mistakes

Computer monitor showing CSS code.

CSS is an essential tool used for styling HTML, but there are many mistakes beginner, sometimes even experienced, devs make. These mistakes are most often very simple and is usually a case of, “Well, this is how I’ve been taught/always done it”. But we aren’t so rigid to recognize when things could be done better!

Hopefully this blog will get you to identify the five of the most common issues and help you avoid them.

  1. Using Absolute Units: You very rarely want to use absolute units for determining the size of assets and typography. Absolute means that the size will always be the same regardless of the device you’re viewing the website/app on. You want to use relative units which will change depending on the device and size of the device so that it fits neatly, no matter what. Which leads us on to the next point.

And that’s it! Hopefully this blog helps you in avoiding any of these mistakes in the future. Until next time!